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The Podcast for the Sustainable Innovator. Brought to you by  Dieple Consulting & Training Limited

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Are you in business to save the planet? Are you doing what it takes to address the needs of a wider cross section of stakeholders? Are you an educator or expert on matters relating to getting started in value adding business?

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Welcome to Where Ideas Launch, the podcast for the sustainable innovator.  When I got started with this podcast, I hadn't expected the support I would receive, and the reach it would have around the UK and the world. 

I wanted to be a champion for sustainable business and practices, and in so doing I opened doors to creating amazing relationships with so many creative, industrious, brilliant and pioneering people.

My name is Katherine Ann Byam (MBA, FCCA) and I'm a business resilience strategist, consultant and career coach. I founded Dieple, Digitally Enabling People, A digital transformation consultancy firm based in the UK helping start-ups to scale up. 

With my business partner I  support leaders in tackling design challenges that create and sustain business and professional growth in an evolving global marketplace.

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Here's how its doing.

The Podcast Features:

  • Educators & Change Agents
  • Strategy  & Innovation Coaches
  • CEOs of Sustainable Businesses
  • NGOs

What the podcast has achieved so far: 

Top 10 Ranking in 10 Countries:

  • 10 South Africa
  • 9 UK, Portugal
  • 8 Mexico
  • 6 Switzerland
  • 4 Chile
  • 3 Malaysia
  • 1 Jamaica, Guatemala & Trinidad & Tobago

Top 30 Ranking in 5 additional countries:

New Zealand, Singapore, France, Ireland, Denmark, UAE

Achieved a ranking in 46 different charts

in the categories of business, management or overall.

In just 16 Episodes, we are in the top 5 %

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