What our membership is:

  • A safe support space for Black creatives, free of judgement, shame, societal pressures, etc.

  • A chance for Black creatives to be themselves and express who they are.

  • An intentional space for Black creatives to connect with other authentic Black creatives.

What our membership ain’t:

  • A social media platform. This is a digital community with offline, in real life roots and magic.

  • An opportunity to flex. That is what social media is for.

  • A marketplace. No promo, no selling. We’re here to build, learn, and grow. (We promise not to do it either).

Our membership will provide you with:

  • A digital community of Black creatives who are also charting their own paths

  • A dedicated digital home with a mobile app

  • An exclusive safe, supportive environment that exchanges strategies, tools, resources, insight, and feedback from other intentional creatives

  • Exclusive member only content, virtual and (prayers up) IRL events, workshops, outings, offerings, grants, fellowships, projects and discounts

  • Referrals of members for project based opportunities

  • Member directory

a word from our Founding members

Testimonials from those who joined in the first two months.

Contact us

Have any questions or concerns? Want to sponsor a membership?

Email us: community@blkcreatives.com