The Canny Collar

The Canny Collar is the best collar to stop your dog from pulling on the lead

Kind, safe, comfortable and effective, the Canny Collar helps you to enjoy walking your dog.  Does not ride into the eyes nor yank your dog's head to one side.  Used and recommended by UK Guide Dogs.  Find out more here.

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What dog owners like you are saying about the Canny Collar

Louise Deakin & Mitsy

York, UK

"Want to say a huge thank you. This is actually amazing, Mitsy was great from the start and a lot more calm. I'd recommend it to anyone."

Sarah Jones & Murphy

Huddersfield, UK

"Just to let you know that Murphy loves his Canny Collar. From the first day we put this on him he has not pulled at all – we cannot believe the difference!"

Jessica Irvine & Ginny

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

"You have given both her and myself our safety back and the freedom to actually enjoy our runs and walks together. You have no idea how much I love your company right now!"

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What we're all about

We want what most dog owners want when walking their pet - a happy, pleasurable and stress-free experience.

With the right equipment, you can simply enjoy walking your dog without any pulling or discomfort, ensuring that the bond between you stays strong and special.

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