The  Wise Goals Youth  Coaching Programme!

CEO-level coaching for young people aged 16-21!

Why now? 

 Just 15% of People in the World Engaged at Work!

This recent Gallup poll presents this disturbing stat. It's a tragedy and our youth deserve better. Could it be that big decisions made early on in life contribute to this? Is it really fair that young people make such life-defining decisions without expert support and guidance? (, 2017)

Only 8% of People Reach their New Year Goals!  

A worrying study by the University of Scranton found that a whopping 92% of people who set new year goals never reached them. When they interviewed those who did achieve them, one of the key differences was they didn't do it alone. They used quality support such as coaches and mentors. (BBC, 2016)

Study finds 53% of Youth Fear for their Future!

A study by UCL Institute of Education found that more than half of 16-25 year olds thought their job prospects were getting worse. 3 in 5 felt more anxious and worried than before the pandemic and half felt less optimistic and useful. (IOE, 2021)

Why evidence-based coaching?

Significantly Increased Goal Attainment

Studies found that evidence-based coaching reduced procrastination and facilitated goal achievement. Interestingly a group encouraged to do coaching exercises without the support of a coach was not enough for high goal attainment. (Losch et al, 2016)

Increased Performance and More 

70% of those who receive coaching benefit from increased task performance, communication skills, and improved relationships. This makes it a popular choice for leaders. But what about the youth? our future leaders! (Forbes, 2019)

Greater Self-confidence

An impressive 80% of people who received coaching reported increased self-confidence.... i.e. having a helpful attitude about yourself, your skills and abilities.  Self-confidence means trusting yourself, knowing yourself and viewing yourself both realistically and positively. (Harvard Institute of Coaching)

Why Wise Goals?

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