Connect with your

Sacred Womb Space


Do you want to deepen your connection with yourself?

It all starts with your connection to your womb space.

Your womb space is home of your life force energy, the energetic centre of your creativity, your desire, pleasure and essential for your feminine intuition.

Within the womb space we store and hold imprints and memories of previous experiences, relationships and trauma.

Your sacred womb space is calling out to feel your love, your acceptance, your reverence.

She is a sacred portal to all that you are and all that you can be.

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Meet Lindsay

I'm Lindsay, Feminine Embodiment and Menstrual Cycle Coach for women who are ready to reclaim their inner wild woman and connect to the innate intuition and wisdom of their bodies.

I'm a mama of three, feminine embodiment and menstrual cycle coach for women who want more: more presence, more connection and more pleasure in their lives. I help women to return to their authentic selves, to tap into their intuition, and discover what it is they want and how to get it.

I'm passionate about guiding women like you to recognise that you are your own best resource and that through feminine embodiment you can uncover your inner sacred wisdom.

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