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    June 13, 2022 at Coconana in Brooklyn!


      May 2022: May marked our first large event with 40+ attendees! We had a great networking session followed by a talk on green finances by Bonnie from GreenPortfolio!

      Apr 2022: Our April dinner took place at Coletta, a trendy Italian vegan spot in Manhattan!

      Mar 2022: Our March dinner took place at Eterea, a trendy mexican vegan spot in Manhattan. The glittering nachos were a fan favorite

      Feb 2022: Our first dinner of 2022 took place at Sestina, a trendy vegan pasta bar in Manhattan.


      Hi! I'm Michelle and I started Women and Climate NYC because I love networking, dining, and talking about climate! I attend a good amount of climate networking events in New York but I really wanted an experience where I could sit down, get to know the attendees in greater depth, make new friends (I'm new to NYC), and talk about my favorite subject (climate) as it pertains to career and personal life.

      I organized a dinner in Feb 2022 at Sestina, NYC, a trendy vegan pasta bar. I created 6 seats for the event; our final count was 12 individuals. The ladies that attended were a mix of currently working in climate and interested in working in climate. They represented large organizations from McKinsey Consulting, IBM, ERM, to emerging climate technology startups such as Persefoni, Sustain.Life, and Numina. We had a blast!

      A key objective for me is to help and inspire more people to work on climate. We need every bit of brainpower we can get to help overcome our current challenge and everyone can work on climate. You don't need a special degree, you don't need prior experience, and you can start today in your current role, whatever that may be. I talk more about this in a recent webinar.

      My goal is to continue organizing regular dinners, hopefully monthly, and also happy hours where more individuals can attend. Sponsors, speakers, sustainable goodies giveaways are all welcome. Have an idea? Reach out to me via LinkedIn or the contact form below!

      Hello and thank you for being here! My name is Stephanie, and when I first heard about Michelle's dinners, I was immediately excited about it: I love nothing more than bringing people together over a shared purpose and see them empower each other to have an even bigger impact. Long story short, after attending my first dinner in March and having a great time, I offered to help build this community of amazing women.

      I've spent the past five years of my professional career running accelerator programs as well as designing and implementing learning programs for startups and SMBs, currently at WeWork. I am super interested in learning more about all things sustainability and social impact, and couldn't ask for a better community to immerse myself in than this one. Last but not least, I love exploring the vegan food scene in New York, and a good meal tastes even better over a good conversation. Hope to see you at one of our upcoming dinners!

      Hi! I'm Katie, and I offered to help Michelle with Women and Climate after attending her first dinner in Feb 2022. Having recently moved to NYC, I jumped at the chance to attend a dinner where the point of focus was all about climate and just couldn’t get enough

      While I work in the climate tech space, I started my career pursuing my CPA at Deloitte and realized that there was more to business than profit. After getting involved with my firm's CSR and sustainability efforts, I was determined to make climate the focus of my career. Having made the transition, my work now involves helping financial institutions and large organizations understand their carbon footprints, the risks and opportunities of climate change, how to act on these findings, and publicly communicate their efforts.

      I love to meet new people, eat great food and talk all things climate (and broader ESG).

      One of the many reasons I look forward to these dinners is learning about the paths others have taken, and where they're headed next. The climate space is dynamic to say the least, and having made my way into the space without a traditional background, I hope to put my experience to good use when supporting and encouraging others interested in doing the same.


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