Women's Liberation Group

An exclusive retreat for women that will change your life

10 - 20 Sept 2023, Aegina island, Greece

Our unique 10-day process

Empowered: Women's Liberation group is a residential retreat for women who are ready for a deep transformation in a loving, profound and safe space. 

Set in a beautiful location without distractions, the group allows women to take a deep dive into ourselves, heal wounds from the past and rediscover the strength that comes from the communion between our feminine and masculine sides. This offers the opportunity to embrace our unique nature and live our power without giving up our beauty, grace, or ability to love and be loved.

This process was created by the modern day mystic Osho and it has been offered since its inception, for more than 30 years, in different parts of the world. It continues alive today, vibrant, and awaiting you.

What to expect from our journey

10-Days of immersion in the Women’s Liberation group

with highly qualified therapists, including both individual and group work. 

Over 100 hours of the program

including all course materials and support by a dedicated team of assistants.

Zoom follow-up sharings

after the process with the facilitators and fellow group members.

Access to a worldwide community of women

who have done this process in the past.

Our journey together is intense and at the same time relaxed, fun and deeply pleasurable.

EMPOWERED is a journey that takes you towards the depths of your soul with joy, intensity, magic, meditation, rituals, body awareness, celebration, surprises, sisterhood, nutrition, silence, explosions of energy… and more! A journey inside yourself, where you discover that you are both a woman and man and yet, on another plane you are neither a woman nor a man, you are something beyond.


What will I discover?

+  The joy of feeling empowered, fulfilled and whole, with no need of anything or anyone to accomplish it, deciding where you really want to take your life.

+ A healing of wounds related to men in your life - father, partners, brothers, friends, co-workers - and begin to look at them from a new place of understanding and awareness.

+ A healing of wounds related to women in your life - mother, sisters, female friends, co-workers and female partners - to enable you to become more integrated and take loving care of yourself.

+ An understanding of different and under-explored aspects of your being, integrating your polarities - feminine and masculine - through body and experience, opening the space to be authentic, spontaneous and free.

+ The ability to give yourself in your relationships with the men and women in your life from a place of abundance rather than lack.

All this will arise as your unique and personal experience, coming from what your body and emotions reveal, acquiring a true map of yourself, which you will be able to keep using in your day-to-day life.

Location and Venue

The process will take place in the beautiful island of Aegina, Greece (a 1hr boat ride away from Athens port).

Argo Spa hotel in Aghia Marina is a family run hotel located right in front of the crystal clear blue sea. It is within walking distance to the exquisite ancient temple of Greek goddess Aphaea.

Our facilitators