More time, fewer interruptions without the constant guilt!

4 day support series for mums who work from home

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Do you: 

Struggle to find time to work because your kids seem to need you all the time?

Get interrupted a lot so it's hard to get into your flow- and it's embarrassing when you are with clients?

Feel guilty when you are working for not spending time with your kids, and guilty when you're with your kids, feeling you should be working?

Struggle juggling childcare between you and your partner (with the inevitable who needs to be working when logistics)

    If so, 'Working from home with kids' is ideal for you!

    This 4 day support series is for mums who want to work from home without constantly being interrupted, and feeling guilty you are not spending time with your kids.

    Yes, I could do with that!

    Tuesday 9th - Saturday 13th March 2021 

    You will learn: 

    Day 1  How to get more time and energy, by learning where to focus to achieve the biggest impact for you and your family right now

    Day 2 How to fit it all in, work and family time 
    Day 3  
    How to reduce the guilt when you are working, and when you are spending time with the kids
    Day 4  Three ways to reduce interruptions,
     practical skills and how you can apply them so you can create the family life you truly desire.

    All in bitesize pieces, so you can easily take part, even if you are a busy mum juggling all the things!

    You will get a 5 min video each morning, with a simple task to do. I will be live each evening at 8.15pm GMT to dive deeper and answer any questions.

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    Skills that work

    In bitesize chunks

    Happier family

    Sarah Parkes- Transformational Parenting Coach

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