No other journal is designed to help you CRUSH your worries and anxieties, cultivate more peace, and outline your self-care goals, all in the same place.

If you suffer from panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, or if you are simply (although not simply) a worry wart:

I have good news for you. You don’t have to feel that way anymore!

"I purchased this journal and fell in LOVE! As a nurse and a mom, I have tried many ways to control my anxiety and worries; but this journal gave me the tools to recognize and change my thoughts. Reasonable price, perfect size, inspiring layout for a helpful journal! Thank you!" 


What if you could create a peaceful life? For Good!

Do you ever wish you could set down the 100-pound weight you been lugging around for days, weeks, years, decades!? Me too. As a busy wife, mom, author, and full-time accountant, I feel that unrelenting pressure, and battle the crippling worries  Work problems, relationship issues, financial strains, health problems, unforeseen what if's — all of these things can fill us with dread. 

Anxiety is a part of life, but it's not meant to cripple, paralyze and control us. I wanted to find a resource that could help me calm my mind, silence my anxieties, a tool that could help me not only stop obsessing on everything that might go wrong but to actually help me feel, safe, relaxed and confident. But I couldn’t find it. So I decided to create it instead. And the Mindfulmazing Worry Journal® was born. 

I'm here to tell you that freedom from your panic/anxiety/fears/worries is possible. You just need the right tool.

Introducing Mindfulmazing's Worry Journal

Mindfulmazing’s inspiring, interactive and colorful printable PDF version of our journal is designed to break down your worries into manageable steps so that you can become a happier, healthier, and more balanced version of yourself.

The pages of this printable guided journal are filled with prompts, questions, quotes, tips, positive affirmations, and creative spaces to ensure you cultivate a calmer, confident and peaceful mindset every day. 

"For the last few years, I have been desperately searching for HELP for my anxiety. My anxiety is interfering with my home life, work life, and health. Well, ladies, this is it! This journal is WELL worth the price. They've thought of everything, including weekly actionable steps. I've never felt so free, light and worry-free. I'm a believer and now life-time journaler.


Hi, I'm Tina.

Worry was invading my life every day. Stealing the fun, laughter, and happiness from my days. After constantly searching for ways to stop anxiety in my own life, I realized that things didn’t have to be as dire as I was making them. I started paying more attention to the connection between my thoughts and my body, and I discovered what a powerful role our thoughts play in our overall well-being. I created The Worry Journal to share the process I used to go from stressed out to blissed out.

With This Journal You'll Figure Out How To:

  • Understand the role your thoughts play in your life (since it's so different for everyone!)
  • Break through obstacles that have been holding you back from achieving peace of mind.
  • Design a anxiety free action plan that you can revisit again and again to finally feel like you're in control of your life

Here's What's Included

Action Steps

  • Guided questions to identify your focus worry for the week
  • Weekly repeating sections to contemplate possible outcomes to your focus worry
  • Creating a plan of action, (you know, in case your worry happens)

Guided Creative Spaces

  • Plenty of space to purge all the worries plaguing your mind.
  • Different quotes, affirmations, tips, and information each week
  • Guided journaling for gratitude, positive self-talk, and goals, plus so much more

Mindfulness Flavour

  • Each week includes mindfulness exercises such as; intention setting, self-care, progressive relaxation, breathing.
  • Open spaces to journal your fears, dreams, and goals
  • Beautifully designed, with uplifting colors.

From Worry to Freedom

Ready to let go of worry for good? Get your copy of Mindfulmazing's Worry journal now.


What format is this journal in?

Your guide will be delivered via email as a 60-page PDF file.

How do I use this guide?

You can print it out at home or take it to a print shop and have them print and bind it. Put it into a binder or make your own spiral notebook. It's easy to do, see here for instructions.

How long will this guide take to complete?

This is a 16-week journal, designed to help you rewire your thought patterns. A worry journal is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy known to significantly ease symptoms of anxiety.


Can I go through this journal more than once?

Yes! That is exactly why I created the guide digitally. I wanted a tool that you could come back to whenever you crave balance in your life. Since it’s a digital workbook, it’s yours to revisit again and again.

What is your refund policy?

Because of the electronic nature of the guide, we are unable to offer refunds after your purchase is complete.

If you have any other questions, concerns or comments, you can reach me at

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