Worthy, Wealthy & Wise

21 Day Email Retreat for Heart-Centred Women who were meant for so much MORE

Shift into a deeply aligned state of ease, abundance and attraction, through simple, actionable, daily 10 minute tasks.

Dramatically uplevel your self-worth, access your own intuitive wealth wisdom - and infinitely expand your capacity for freedom, focus and flow.

I'm so excited you're here. Because this is where it all gets to start get really, REALLY good!

It's time for you to step out of your own way and create an AWESOME life where:

  • Compromising and doubting yourself isn't a thing
  • Confidence is no longer an issue
  • You completely love yourself, your life and everything you're creating
  • And you get to create wealth, freedom and happiness in abundance - on your terms

This is for you if:

✅  You're an ambitious woman (who maybe doesn't like to give herself credit for her achievements!) who decided long ago that she's creating her own future rather than leaving it to chance

✅  You have a deep desire to prove yourself and create a lasting impact in this world

  You recognise that building wealth is an essential part of that process for ALL the reasons - and you're taking steps to create financial freedom

✅  But deep down, something's holding you back - and you know you can be, have and do so much MORE

🔥 You've had it with feeling like an underestimated schoolgirl - and you're ready to rise and embody the capable, confident, self-sufficient woman you were destined to be.

🔥 There's no room in your life any more for being ALWAYS busy, stressed, hoping and wondering when it's going to get any better. You're ready to take action and MAKE it happen.

🔥 You're ready to claim your power, learn to trust in yourself completely and move past confusion, stagnation and worrying about what other people think

So far...

You've been no stranger to money mindset & manifestation advice and you've tried all the things - but somehow it just doesn't click

✨ You're a little sick of hearing about the ease with which your contemporaries are knocking out 6 figure months while you're finding it anything but easy

✨ You find the money and success advice you come across often seems a little shallow or questionable

✨ Much as you do want ease, flow and abundance, life just never seems to go that way (and when your energy hits rock bottom, positivity is just not an option!)

What you need isn't to try harder or add MORE to your already overflowing plate.

What you don't need is more fluffy mindset advice that leaves you questioning your values

What you need is to unlock a new way of creating success that helps you align your energy and emotions with showing up in the RIGHT way to create your desires easily - and without endless soul-searching, tapping or clearing.

So, you're in exactly the right place 

I've created Worthy, Wealthy & Wise especially for women like you.

It's based on sound neuroscience and the psychology of conscious creation - and it will rapidly uplevel your energy and help you access your deepest, intuitive, most intelligent soulful self.

The part of you that KNOWS how to create exactly what you want and isn't afraid to do that.

 In just 10 minutes per day, I'll teach you to shift your energy and emotional wellbeing to the next level and beyond - so you can show up in the world at your most empowered and effortlessly expansive.

 And in just 21 days you'll have all the tools you need to OWN your worth, CLAIM your wealth - and use it wisely and wonderfully, for whatever lights you up.

 If you're ready for a whole new way of being, feeling and receiving...

... get started by enrolling below! 

Here's a sneak preview of what's inside... 


The real secret behind consciously creating and manifesting your desires that NOBODY talks about - and how missing THIS crucial piece of the puzzle can actually repel everything you're hoping to create


How to shift your focus on the spot to create more positivity and aligned energy with one simple, powerful process...

...which takes less than 5 minutes but creates a long-lasting impact


A completely new way of feeling, thinking and showing up in just 10 minutes a day.

Discover what it feels like to create confidence, clarity and ease in your life at will and feel the benefits instantly

Hey, I'm Abi!

I help ambitious women Align & ARISE®️ to unlock their true, limitless potential - so they can serenely stride forward and claim the wealth, freedom and fulfilment they were born for, without fears, doubts & insecurities tripping them up or holding them down.

I’ve learned how to overcome the deepest self-worth blocks, unlock my inner wealth wisdom and create fulfilment, freedom and financial abundance on my terms.

I get to wake up every day knowing that I get to define how I feel, how I show up - and what gets to be true for me.  

And you can too! 

I can't wait to show you how. 

A x 

Align & ARISE®️

Worthy | Wealthy | Healthy | Whole 

P.S. Just to be absolutely clear, Worthy, Wealthy & Wise and Align & ARISE®️ are in no way about giving financial advice.  I am NOT a financial adviser.

What I can help you with is sharing everything I've learned in my therapy & mentoring practice and on my own personal wealth journey, to help you do the INNER work you need to do to support yours.

If you do need a great financial adviser, I'm more than happy to recommend one!

And if you do feel like you might need some help from a registered therapist to support you with any deeper mental health concerns... 

... that IS my thing - but it's not the intention of this course.  

So I'd love you to get in touch directly and let's discuss what's going on for you and how I can better support you: