Learn how accountability can lead to success! 

We address specific goals that have not been checked off your blackboard and work together to create a strategic plan of action.

We help you design a working life that creates space for your personal life.

This accountability program is right for you if:

You could be more efficient in timely accomplishing your important monthly, quarterly, and annual goals. 

Your lack of time and organization is hindering you from scaling up your business.

You simply miss having some "me time" and quality time with your family, but your mind is occupied by those undone tasks.

What's included in our 3 month program?

  • One hour strategy session (phone or via zoom) where we will discuss and plan out the next steps towards the goals you've set
  • Written action plan
  • Goal-setting sessions and mentorship
  • Accountability via Mighty Network
  • 1-hour semi-monthly call or zoom meetings (twice a month)
  • Monthly (1 hour) Virtual Office access 

     Additional Support

    24/7 access to the private online What's On Your Blackboard, Mighty Network community for on-going support, connection, and encouragement from like-minded high achievers on a similar mission.

    Bonus: Execution coaching - up to 4 hours monthly assistance with: 

      • Reviewing drafts and/or templates
      • Operational system setups
      • Research relevant to your business needs

    By the end of the program you will:

    Identify what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you stuck.

    Be equipped with productivity techniques that are unique for your business.

    Understand how to fix the habit of procrastination.

    Know how to apply solid actionable tips, tasks, and time management strategies.

    To take advantage of our complimentary discovery call (30 minutes) click on "Book a Discovery Call" below. During this call we will gauge if we’re the right fit for each other.



    Need more than 30 minutes, but not the full program?

    Want to walk away with an actionable task list?

    Schedule a 2-hour productivity call for only $100. If you chose to move forward with the three-month program within 7 days of our call, your $100 investment will be applied towards the cost of the program.

    You will receive a scheduling link within 48 hours of remitting payment. 

    "I'm ready, let's get to work!"

    If you are READY to reach your goals and be held accountable to accomplish tasks that have been on your to-do list for way too long. Then fill in the information below and let's get to work!

    Ways to identify when you need additional remote business support:

    I am psychologically drained by the things on my "must-do" list and I want to check them off, but I just haven't been able to get them done.

     I am getting all the things done, now it's time to scale up and bring on some additional support to help with my growing business.

    I have a team in place but could use additional support with task management and accountability for me and my team. 

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