Calling all BRAVE DIY’ers!

Learn How to Build Your Own WordPress Website

Hi, I’m Suzy!

I started blogging in 2007, during a difficult time in my life (caring for a chronically ill husband while working 60 hours a week at a job I hated). I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but I’m proud of that first website and the subsequent ones I’ve built. I’ve learned a lot and grown my skills since then, and now I want to help you (even if you’re “non-techy”) build a WordPress website you can be proud of — one that will help you attract your ideal readers. We’ll start with the basics and build from there, no coding skills required. Honest!

I’m thinking of fellow authors as I create the course, but trust me: If you’re not an author, you'll still get 100 percent value from these lessons.

The DIY-your-website course (name to be determined) will be a step-by-step walk-through using video and text that you’ll be able to view at your own pace. You’ll be able to ask questions and get my help when something puzzles you.

I’ll be looking for beta testers for the course (at a reduced price) so that I can get feedback to make this the best DIY-your-website course ever. Heck, you may even have suggestions for what to name the course! If so, I’m listening ...

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I promise not to spam you. You’ll get relevant content that will help you grow your biz, sell more books and be the techiest non-techy person in the room. 😁

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Lessons under development

These are just a few of the lessons I’m working on for the DIY WordPress course.



Why WordPress vs. other platforms? We’ll start there.


Do I even need a website?

Why you need a home base (your own online real estate) that isn’t social media (which could go away in a blink).


What’s in a domain name?

Don’t even know what a domain name is? I’ve got you covered. We’ll talk about what they are and where to buy them, including my favorite place.


Host? What does that mean?

You need a place to host your website. Let’s discuss what that means and where you can buy hosting service, including the hosts I’ve used and the one I use now.


The importance of an email list

Why is it important to create and grow a list of subscribers? This topic could spawn its own course. I’ll get you started in this module!


What is an SSL certificate, and why do I need one?

We’ll talk about all the reasons you need to secure your site (not the least of which is to appease Google; if Google isn’t happy, ain’t nobody happy).


We’ve got themes, and we know how to use them

WordPress has a lot of free themes, and we’ll talk about what they are, free vs. paid (or premium), and how to choose the right one for your brand. (Hint: When you’re new, start with free. Even free themes allow some customization, and I’ll teach you how to match the theme to your brand.)


What the heck is a plug-in?

Plug-ins are one of the reasons WordPress is so stinkin’ customizable. We’ll discuss which ones you absolutely need (security and back-up, for starters) and which ones are nice to have but optional. Like themes, plug-ins run the gamut from free to premium; let’s start with free and go from there.


ADA* compliance

Some of your readers are vision impaired; it’s just a fact. Not only do you want to make Google happy (yeah, Google penalizes you if your site is hard to read, among other things), you want to avoid frustrating your readers.

*ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act


Mobile vs. desktop

Most of your readers use their phones to consume your content. Yup. We’ll discuss ways to make it easier for them so they’ll stick around. And make Googoo happy.


The difference between a page and a post

We’ll discuss the purpose of Pages and Posts and how to use both.


What’s in a page?

We’ll cover the pages every website needs, from your About page to your Contact page and all that legal mumbo jumbo in between.


The elements of a good blog post

Want to attract readers and turn them into raving fans? We’ll talk a little bit about blogging. This section will cover the basic elements but will not be a comprehensive blogging module.


Search engine optimization

If you can say search engine optimization three times real fast, I may have a prize for you. But what the heck is it? It’s a way to help Google searchers find your incredibly wonderful content. Sometimes Google needs a nudge, so we’ll sock it to ’em.

This course will NOT go into detail on SEO, but we’ll talk about some places to find good info on this necessary evil. (Yeah, nobody I know really likes SEO.)

And speaking of plug-ins (weren’t we?), I’ll clue you in on a couple of SEO plug-ins that’ll help you get the job done a little less painfully.


Want to sell books & merch?

The wonderful and wacky World of the Wide Web is full of e-commerce platforms. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of selling directly from your site. (This may become a separate course, but I’ll get you started in this lesson.)


Even an editor needs an editor

I’ve been an editor since the mid-1980s, but even I miss things. We’ll talk about the importance of self-editing your pages and posts.


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