Do you want to send cards, but you're embarrassed about your handwriting?

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"The Handwritten Touch: Write Cards With Pizzazz"

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Is this you?

You want to send that beautiful card you've been saving,! but you hold back because you hate your handwriting.

You're filled with dread imagining the moment they open the mailbox & actually lay eyes on your card.

You want to send Thank You cards to customers, but you ask yourself,

"What if I drive people away if I send them a note in my own handwriting? Ugh!"

I'll show you the steps to a prettier card.

Take the words you want. Choose a pretty style & try it out. Send that card today!     

7 Simple hacks using paper & pen.

Not complicated steps. Write the words. Learn to do your thing with style.

They don't take forever to learn!

A 20 minute video tutorial that will give you confidence. Write it out in a few minutes!

Start a journey to prettier handwriting...

Send. The. Card!