Make Your Customers Heroes and They'll Reward You for It.

A memorable baby gift isn't the most expensive one. It's the most unexpected gift that people remember. For 20 years wrybaby has stocked boutiques around the world with unique baby gifts that keep their customers coming back for more.

Our Gift Boutiques Totally Love Us.

We're not just a vendor, we're a partner. That's why 70% of our boutiques have been with us for over a decade. Wishbone, in San Francisco (pictured), was our very first store in 2000 and they're still a customer (Hi, Corey!)!

• We make good stuff
• We're nice people
• It's easy to order from us
• We protect your turf from wholesale poachers
• We don't sell to Amazon price slashers
• We don't bug the s*** out of you with sales calls

It's Just the Two of Us.

We're Kelly and Dave and we run small but professional business, just like you. We come up with the ideas, we illustrate them, we manage production, and we make sure your order gets to you safe and sound. We don't use reps and we don't sell to big box stores or every/any store on the planet ('sup Kikkerland, Blue Q, and Fred!). Small businesses deserve better.

Let's Give Your Customers a Treat!

Tell us about your shop and we'll get you everything you need to start surprising your customers (in a good way)!