Social Club for Teens

Many teens have difficulties interacting in social settings and making friends. Our group helps facilitate this process through bi-weekly social events.

Structure of Our Club

Members meet at Krippa Family Psychological Services or at an agreed-upon activity site for a two-hour activity. This could include movie night, game night, arts/crafts, bowling, or mini golf. These activities will provide real-life experiences outside of a therapeutic setting allowing for social interaction and building confidence. 

Benefits of Our Club

Expand Social Circle

  • Meet and make new friends
  • Create interest in social activities

    Informal, Age appropriate Activities

    • Real world experience at the site or agreed upon facility
    • Build confidence in unstructured and unpredictable environment

    Create Positive Experiences and Memories

    • Support and supervision from facilitator
    • Build independence in navigating the social world

    Sample Activities

    Movie Night

    Game Night

    Cooking/Baking activities

    Mini Golf


    Escape Rooms

    Open to suggestions from members

      Collaboration with Parents

      Stephanie will work with parents and caregivers to ensure that they are aware of the activities planned for the month and coordinate the location members will meet. 

      At the end of each meeting, Stephanie will provide email feedback to parents/caregivers with a brief overview of the activity.

      Stephanie can be contacted at or call (919) 893-9444 ext.505

      About the Hosts

      Krippa Family Psychological Services is a family private practice operating in Cary and Pittsboro, NC. Our goal is to help teens in this group build confidence in their social skills and make important social connections for their age. 

      Stephanie has been a graduate counseling intern with Krippa Family Psychological Services for 7 months and has worked with clients of all ages and has co-facilitated our Teen Depression & Anxiety Group. She is preparing to graduate with her Master's Degree in Professional Counseling in February 2020.