Are You Ready To Be Bold? Do You Want To Grow Your Community and Increase Your Revenues by Adding Your Own Custom T-shirts to Your Brand?

You've been bouncing around a few ideas about t-shirts in your head, but you not sure how to add t-shirts to your brand because you're a  business coach.  a few catchy taglines and you've been thinking about putting them on a t-shirt for a while.

You've had some shirts printed before, but they felt like cardboard and shrunk after the first wash.  
If you're like most folks, you didn't know that to good to be a true quote you got, meant you'd get cheap tees. 

That was a total waste of money don't you think?

Fact:  Adding t-shirts to your brand will build a community of loyal supporters that are ready to share your message with everyone and adds another revenue stream to your bank account.

Adding a collection of t-shirts to your platform is a no brainer. Why not invest your marketing and advertisement budget on a t-shirt that will be worn, seen and shared with everyone under the sun?

Come a little closer so I can share a hidden gem with you.  This industry is growing it expected to hit the $10billion mark by 2025, so stop leaving money on the table and let me help you print that tee with the catchy tagline. 

12 Shirt Starter Package

When you’re just getting started and you want to test your market, this starter package is for you.  

You've don't want to order a lot of shirts, but you need some on hand for an event you're hosting.  This package lets you test the water to see if it's hot.

Your community is excited about your creativity and they want to buy one.

This package will get you started in the t-shirt or bring your brand life and additional revenue 

Depending on your price point or rolling the cost of the t-shirt into your course, you will make your startup cost back with some profit. Now, how does that sound?

25 Shirt Gold Package

When you’re feeling a little more confident about your target group and your tribe says yes to everything you design, this package is for you.

You’ve received booming feedback from your tribe and they like what you doing. When you’re ready to go, this package will get you started and you'll make an impact in your community and your brand will love you for it.

50 Shirt Platinum Package

When you know your designs are the bomb dot com" and everything is selling like hotcakes, this package is for you. 

You've flown through the starter package and your tribe is screaming for more.  The only thing you can do is give them more.

You're finally hosting that big conference and you want to "Give Them Something To Talk About," this package will give your event life. 

Not only will they talk about how impactful your conference was, but they will have a t-shirt to remind them. 

Depending on how you price your shirts, you will create a profit and build your tribe of dedicated supporters at the same time.