A new and interesting approach to creativity.

With Kalou Koefoed

Who is This Workshop For?

  • Interested in the creative process?
  • Keen to try something different?
  • Want to learn how to make a comic?
  • Like drawing/painting/glueing?
  • Been procrastinating hard? 
  • Want to create but don’t even know where to start anymore, it’s been so long?
  • Need a kickstart to get your creative mojo going?
  • Up for a challenge?

If so, this workshop is for YOU!

About this workshop

We will begin by creating a simple storyboard from your life memories, utilising symbolism and metaphor to tell your story.

In this four-step process you will be guided through tips and ideas of how to create your comic.

Do I have to be good at drawing?

No. Drawing is just one tool of many. You can use words, colour, patterns, shapes, symbols, and metaphor, favourite quotes/song lyrics, magazine cut-outs, collage.

Please note: This workshop focusses on ideas and process, rather than technique and skill. If you would like a how-to-draw workshop, get in touch!

What you will need

  • At least three A3 pieces of paper, wet-strength great.
  • Notebooks and/or sketchbooks.
  • Pens, pencils, ink pencils, crayons, watercolour, brushes, stuff for collage, scissors, glue sticks. Whatever you are most comfortable using is best.
  • Commitment to completing the workshop.
  • 3 - 4 hours total, depending on how fast you work. 

The only rule of the workshop is that you must be kind to yourself while you create. This is just for you, not for anyone else.

Kalou Koefoed

About Kalou

When it comes to creating, Kalou likes to do a bit of everything. 

Originally from Denmark, Kalou is a self-taught artist & writer based in New Zealand. 
Her recent brush with cancer inspired her to create The Basaloid Project, which this workshop is part of. 

What you'll get from doing this workshop

You will

    • Gain confidence and perspective.
    • Feel empowered.
    • Develop a deeper appreciation for yourself and your past.
    • Come away with completed artwork, which can be framed and hung on the wall, kept in a special place, or used as a reference tool for a larger work or series of works.
    • Experience a sense of achievement upon completion.
    • Have confidence to begin or continue with your art practice.
    • Get your mojo back.

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The Basaloid Project

A brush with cancer recently hammered home how important creating is for Kalou. All this pain, physical and mental, seemed so pointless.


Could she process this experience by funnelling all the emotions into one work, and through storytelling could she somehow inspire people to do their own creating, to begin, to not wait?

And so the idea of The Basaloid Project started making sense and the addition of a hands-on workshop where she could offer people a way of turning an ugly experience into something beautiful and brave.

In offering this workshop to you, Kalou hopes to be able to inspire you. To develop a deeper appreciation for yourself and your past, your story. Let go of some demons. Feel empowered to do your thing.

Take the step.

For more information about The Basaloid Project go to

This project is generously funded by Creative New Zealand’s Creative Communities Scheme.

Graphic Novel

The Basaloid

Order a copy of the 32-page graphic novel, The Basaloid, HERE.

“A mystical, poetic journey of self-reckoning. The Basaloid turns a confrontation with mortality into a creative manifesto.”

- Ross Murray, author of Rufus Marigold