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The Lifestyle Nutrition Course

Digesting Nutritional Confidence

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Email Course

The Lifestyle Nutrition Course is a 16 week email course designed by Physical Preparation Coach, Joel Younkins. This course is dedicated to educate and empower you to have a better and more clear understanding of nutrition and its principals. By delivering this Nutritional Confidence to you, you will access the ability to make informed decisions for yourself based on who you are, and what your goals may be. 

Digesting Nutritional Confidence

When it comes to learning more about nutrition and understanding it, I've found there lies two extremes for people. Either information is presented in a very basic/brief explanation that leaves people not sure of how to even use this information. And on the other side of it, the information is designed for coaches with years of background in training and nutrition and it most likely is way too complex for the average person to understand and digest. With this email course we will give you that in between. We will break down the complicated science in a way that is easy to understand and utilize with confidence!

Taking Action

Each week, we will cover a different topic in the email that will be sent to you. We will cover the specific topic and explain to you why it's important for you as well as provide you with 3 Action Steps to immediately start taking so we can get the information to start working for you that very moment!

Who is This Course For?

This course was designed and developed for individuals who are looking to enhance their life with nutrition, whether it be from a health, performance, body composition, or all three areas, this course is for you. You do not have to be an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, but if you want to get the most out of your nutrition to improve the quality of your life, you can learn these nutrition principles so that you can apply them for you!

What This Course Isn't

This course IS NOT a diet plan, a certification course, or persuasive beliefs that will be pushed on to you. This course is also built to cover nutrition from a general standpoint to improve performance and health. It is not designed to solve nutrition related diseases. It is a course designed for the fitness enthusiast, athletes, and the general population who are looking to improve their overall understanding for nutrition and how it can help promote health, performance, and body composition goals!

The Course Curriculum

Week 1: Hydration

Week 2: Calories

Week3: Protein

Week 4: Carbohydrates

Week 5: Fats

Week 6: Alcohol

Week 7: Micronutrients

Week 8: Meal Timing

Week 9: Snacking

Week 10: Healthy Eating Relationships

Week 11: Cheat Meals

Week 12: Fads & Fallacies

Week 13: Pro Tips

Week 14: Supplements

Week 15: Sleep

Week 16: Nutrition for You

You Deserve More!

There's been enough confusion in the nutrition industry for long enough. This course is here to clear up confusion and provide the science of nutrition in a way that's easy to understand and to digest. You no longer will have to feel mislead by marketing campaigns and influencers anymore. For some of you, you will appreciate the raw information presented straight to you...For others this will be a very therapeutic journey as you will restore your relationship with nutrition...You will soon have the confidence to decide for yourself what is good for you and what is unnecessary...

I'll see you on the inside!