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Easy to read compact guide with 52 powerful strategies anyone can use to overcome fear and improve confidence

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Queen B

Many useful strategies are discussed throughout this handy reference and a summary of key action steps is summarized at the end of each chapter.Great book with practical advice on getting past your fears and anxieties. Each chapter begins with a quote from a famous person and proceeds to offer root causes for specific ailments such as anxiety, stress, and fear.

HN Lewis

Impressive! Living with anxiety is, plainly put, no fun. Your brain is constantly vigilant, looking for threats that only exist almost exclusively in your mind. While I've learned that there's no magic-bullet cure for anxiety, I'm always on the lookout for materials that will offer a bit of fresh perspectives and strategies. I found some in this concise and affordable book, and can therefore recommend it. This is really worth recommending.


I have always considered fear as an inborn defect of a person with whom a person must live and nothing can be done about it and change it. When I read the book "52 ways to overcome fear", I understood that it is possible to struggle with fear and gain self-confidence and one's strengths. This is the wonderful book. For many, fear will now not be an obstacle to the implementation of life plans. Read and overcome your fear. Be confident in yourself.

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