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  • Why your ability to remain calm and thrive under pressure is a reliable determinant of your levels of health and success, the quality of your relationships, and the degree of happiness you enjoy. (Recent scientific studies, including MRI imaging, suggest some fascinating connections.)
  • 15 common "bullets" that fly around in high-pressure work environments (as well as everyday life) — and how you can create a mental and emotional "flak jacket" that makes you invulnerable to them.
  • How to shift your relationship to adversity by choosing to be a "thriver" rather than a "survivor". (The difference between these two ways of being is perfectly illustrated by the story of a Polish concentration camp hero they used to call "Wild Bill" — and how he helped liberate thousands of his follow prisoners and became a beacon of hope to American GIs.)
  • The inner game secret that turns criticism, rejection, illness or injury, and other "challenges" life throws at you on their head, so that instead of grinding you down they make you sharper, stronger, more motivated, more successful, and far happier.
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"Dr. Steve shows you how to release your brakes, snap out of your comfort zone, and accomplish more than you ever thought possible!"

— Brian Tracy Author of over 70 books, Considered one of the world's greatest self-development gurus

"Dr. Steve is an enlightened physician dedicated to helping the entire world with his... powerful communication skills."

— Mark Victor Hansen Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

 a world where stress, chaos, discouragement and negativity are all around us, we need wisdom, honesty, and compassion to maintain our composure and rise above our challenges. My dear friend, Dr. Steve Taubman, has written a powerful book on how to thrive on life’s battlefields. It’s warm, wise, and packed with practical strategies for remaining calm in chaos and bringing positivity back into your life in order to achieve the life you desire."

— Sharon Lechter New York Times Bestseller Author of Think and Grow Rich for Women Co-Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad (and 14 other Rich Dad titles)

"Dr. Steve is the undisputed expert on the inner game of success. In Bulletproof, he delivers wisdom, humor, and a unique perspective on a common challenge. Every page is filled with engaging stories and relevant advice on how we can be more resilient and why we should strive for enduring happiness and significance. A sure bestseller. Buy it, read it, and buy more to give away to those you care about. My buddy Steve is changing the world and I encourage every one of us to join this remarkable man!"

— Dan Clark International Keynote Speaker, Author of The Art of Significance

"Dr. Steve shares secrets for thriving under pressure. Drawn from ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience, Dr. Steve offers useable ideas that can help anyone, no matter how stressed or how high pressure their lives, to stay calm in chaos, relaxed, and efficient."

— Frank Shankwitz Founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation

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