Find Calm Amongst the Chaos..

Learn and remember a yoga sequence that all YOURS, that you can take anywhere...

This is your guide to begining your Ashtanga yoga journey at home.

Create Balance

You'll learn and remember a yoga sequence to ease and balance your body: Creating freedom from stiffness, strength from weakness and a sense of inner calm amongst the chaos.

Boost your health, wellbeing and immunity

Yoga asana (postures) provide many more internal benifits than just stretching and strenthening your muscles including: incresed immunity and better digestive health.

Practice at your own pace

Learn the sequence in your own time and at your own pace, adapting the
postures to suit your body as it is: meet your body and yourself where you are now and grow from there.

Ellie Foden

About Me

The feeling I experienced after my first yoga class was like nothing I'd ever felt before: completely calm, strong and quietly empowered...that was almost 13 years ago and that light has only gotten brighter since...

Over the last 8 years I've devoted my life to studying and passing on the practice of Ashtanga yoga; from taking study trips to India as often as I possibly can, to applying the tradtional teachings I've learned into moden life and passing them onto my students in a way they can apply them directly to modern life.

I've had the privilege of watching that same spark I experienced all of those years ago ignite within my students in London and now, I hope you'll feel it too!

Whats Included..

Interactive pose break-downs

One pose at a time

Each page of the book has an illustration of the pose, written cues for how to get into it, the benefits of why we practice it and a link to a VIDEO TUTORIAL where I guide you through some variations for you to adapt the expression of the pose to suit your body and still gain the same benifits. 

Printable cheat sheets

Practice without a computer/phone in sight

During this time, where we're all stuck in one place and working/socialising/everything from home and have to rely on zoom, youtube or online streaming. Learning this sequence will give you valuable time away from a screen!

So I've drawn up some handy cheatsheets you can print off as a propt whilst you get used to the sequence.

My Support

I'll help you every step of the way

Our connection doesn't end when you download your guide; we will wor TOGETHER to make your virsion of this sequence as benificial for you as possible. 

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