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Penina Spinka

Author of Hidden in Mist, Dream Weaver, Picture Maker and more

 I was blown away at its brilliance. The characters are 3 dimensional and developed. The story flows smoothly with its premise. Humans are given a new chance to become greater than their creators. No matter what shape Corree takes, she is still Coree all the way, lovable, authentic and intelligent. I am eager to read the sequel.

Forest C

Maintaining interesting characters in a multiple sequel series shows real skill. This story shows that good things come to those that mutate! Loved it.


 Blue Fire is the sequel to Susan Kite’s heralded The Mendel Experiment. The heroine Corree continues her exploits through several layers of plot with many twists. It’s a story that will intrigue you and keep you guessing as Corree overcomes one challenge after another. The story moves along at a brisk pace and the ending is a masterpiece. I can’t wait for her next book!

About the author

Susan Kite

About The Author Susan Kite

For many years I have enjoyed creating stories, mainly fan-fiction. My first published novel, My House of Dreams, is a young adult historical fiction about a mission in California and how it impacted the Native Americans living nearby. When I was younger, I mainly read science fiction/fantasy, though, and that is what I have been writing lately. The Mendel Experiment and its sequels, Blue Fire, and Power Stone of Alogol, are about a distant future in the far reaches of the galaxy.  A fantasy, Realms of the Cat came out in 2018. A Zorro novelette was published May 1st in the anthology Zorro, the Daring Escapades and Moon Crusher, a young adult science fiction about a boy kidnapped by aliens came out May 25th. I have several more science fiction and adventure novels in various stages of completion.