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"YES" to Tai Chi with Chris Nelson! Not only is he steeped in knowledge
of the physical, mental, spiritual, and metaphysical aspects of this
wonderful martial art, he is such a skillful, graceful practitioner and
an UTTERLY AMAZING TEACHER, with patience, intuition, and an abundance
of enthusiasm and good humor"

Lisa L.


Chris Nelson

30 years of experience in Tai Chi and martial arts,

15 years of teaching

Twice elected to board of the American Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan Association

Translator for the Amicale Tai Chi Journal


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Life is hard enough.

Learn to be soft, to bend, to heal. Find your round, your dark, your weird. Discover what it feels like to stand your ground with a sword in your hand and a smile on your lips.


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The 5 Animals

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