Amplify Your Business Academy

Have you ever just craved having someone in your business who is there for you! Someone to share your struggles with, your ideas and plans with...

  • Someone who can see things from an outside perspective and provide insight and help.
  • Sometimes you just need someone to listen, who gets it. Someone who understands this entrepreneurial journey with all of its ups & downs!
  • You can pick my brain about anything and I’ll help you in any way I can, so join the Amplify Your Business Academy today to get just that!

I’ve always invested in having mentors who are a few steps ahead of me, so that I can talk things through with them and up-level my business, my confidence and my mindset.

Having grown up in an era where social media was new, to becoming a Network Marketer, Social Media Manager & now Business Coach & Mentor, I’ve always gone against the norm for my roles and career choices. Which meant I never could turn to my friends and family for advice and support with things such as marketing, pricing, content or words of wisdom for my next steps, because my roles were very millennial & new to them too!

That’s why having a coach who understands, has been there & can relate to you is worth its weight in gold.

I’m here to brainstorm with you, answer your questions, listen to your ideas and give feedback, cheer you on and support you.
I’ll be a shoulder you can lean on and someone you can talk things through with.

Being a member of Amplify Your Business Academy means you’ll be surrounded by like-minded female entrepreneurs. You’ll get to ask, advice, relate and support each other in a safe environment.

Weekly Group Calls. AM & PM available to suit you.

A group to ask anything 24/7.

Regular Live Video’s for catch up’s and Q&A.

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