"Better then therapy!! Had me crying and brimming with joy in the first two weeks. A journey in exploration of yourself to understand your feelings, where the come from, and where to go to become your full and true self. Let out decades of hurt. Find confidence. Forgive. Accept yourself. Identify what you need. Anna is here to help. She’s down to earth and caring. A support every stepmom needs. This isn’t a complaining session; this is a life change.

It was freeing to learn that my negative feelings and resentment I held towards my stepson weren’t coming from him at all. The relationship between my stepson and I rapidly became better and my negative feelings toward him lessened. The journey to find myself, my own needs and desires, and to fight the tendency to speak harshly internally to myself is just beginning, but now I know what is really bothering me and I can move forward with the right tools to help me heal." 

- Course Participant, Stepmom of 6 yrs

8 week self-paced program for women ready to heal and evolve...

Are you a woman who wants to: 

- take back control of your life?

- live a purpose-driven, peaceful life that is full of meaning?

- be the change you want to see in your family and the world around you?

- heal the annoying patterns that you're coming up against time and time again? 

This course is for you!!

Pre-recorded and self-paced. You'll get access to the last live round's group coaching calls, and also an opportunity to participate in a live round in the future for an extra cost (date TBD).  

You'll get access to the full 8 week course, and a special option to upgrade to the live group or live 1:1 program. 

Each week will include:

- a recorded video or audio lesson (go at your own pace)

- interactive worksheets

- recorded meditation

- weekly pre-recorded group coaching call sessions (these were recorded live in the first round of the course) 


Upgrade your experience to include 2 or 4 one-on-one coaching sessions for a reduced price to help you bust through blocks and go even deeper, faster. 

Client testimonials:

You get 4 modules, split into 2 lessons per module over the span of 8 weeks. You can go at your own pace and have lifetime access to all content as needed. 

Module 1

Where are you now?

  • Take a guided personal inventory of your life
  • Get to the bottom of whats REALLY  happening under the surface
  • Start to uncover past hurts and limiting beliefs that need healing
  • Begin to shift the focus back to you and your personal growth/healing
  • Start to claim your presence and power in the situation

Module 2

Self-acceptance and Self-love

  • Why your well-being is central to the well being of your family
  • Practice self-compassion and self-forgiveness
  • Tune-into and clear limiting beliefs about your own worth
  • Stop seeking outside approval and validation
  • Honor your desires and live life on purpose
  • Set and maintain personal boundaries that allow you to feel safe in your life
  • Tune into your inner expert for guidance, love and validation

Module 3

Mirror Mirror

  • Explore how current relationships are mirrors of the past, specifically:
    • Your family of origin (including your kids & stepkids, your partner, and any ex-partners who are still present in your life)
  • Acknowledge the past and learn how to live fully in the present
  • Show up mindfully to your circumstances, turning fear-based reactions into faith- and love-based actions

Module 4


  • Guided inventory of your values and what's important to you in this life
  • Create a vision for your life based on those values (and learn to let that vision go)
  • Begin to live your life on purpose, taking positive action towards your vision

More testimonials:

"Anna provides a profound and deep process for healing. I thought I had dealt with the challenge of being bullied in my life but through Anna’s support I was able to uncover another layer of suffering that was affecting my marriage. I highly recommend Anna as a safe guide to provide compassion and insightful questions. Be willing to explore and Anna will be able to shine the light on your darkness."

- Karen

"When I came to Anna, I was dreading an upcoming family vacation with my step children. I really appreciated Anna's clarity and insights as she helped me understand the cause of my suffering. I had tried doing it on my own, but was unable to do so; it felt as if something was blocking me and blinding my vision. Anna, on the other hand, seemed to see clearly what was happening and as she was making suggestions, I was able to identify what resonated with me the most and understand my situation. On a personal note, talking with Anna was calming and soothing.  I appreciated that the process Anna uses goes beyond merely using intellect to understand one's condition. Her sessions are liberating because they provide emotional healing and offer a powerful way out of our self-inflicted suffering, which is invaluable and feels amazing. I also liked that she uses positive statements to replace limiting beliefs, which gives one practical tools to address her issue. "

- E

Questions? Email anna@annadeacosta.com