The Empowered Stepmom Movement

8 week self-paced course with LIVE weekly group coaching

Are you a stepmom who wants to: 

- take back control of your life?

- live a purpose-driven, peaceful life that is full of meaning?

- be the change you want to see in your family and the world around you?

This course is for you!!

We'll begin in March 2019 and go for 8 weeks, with 4 modules (broken down into 2 lessons per module).

Each week will include:

- a recorded video lesson (go at your own pace)

- interactive worksheets

- a LIVE group coaching call where you can ask questions and get live coaching from me

- access to the secret Facebook group where you'll have access to me and a community of like-minded stepmoms

FAST-ACTION BONUS: The first 5 women who sign-up for the course and pay in full will also get a bonus 1:1 coaching call with me!

Client testimonials (from my secret facebook group):

You get 4 modules, split into 2 lessons per module over the span of 8 weeks. The calls will be scheduled at the start of the program using a calendar link to gage availability and schedule during mutually convenient times. Questions can be pre-submitted, and all calls will be recorded for later viewing. 

Module 1

Where are you now?

  • Take a guided personal inventory of your life
  • Get to the bottom of whats REALLY  happening under the surface
  • Start to uncover past hurts and limiting beliefs that need healing
  • Begin to shift the focus back to you and your personal growth/healing
  • Start to claim your presence and power in the situation

Module 2

Self-acceptance and Self-love

  • Why your well-being is central to the well being of your family
  • Tune-into and clear limiting beliefs about your own worth
  • Stop seeking outside approval and validation
  • Honor your desires and live life on purpose
  • Set and maintain personal boundaries that allow you to feel safe in your life
  • Tune into your inner expert for guidance, love and validation

Module 3

Mirror Mirror

  • Explore how current relationships are mirrors of the past, specifically:
    • Your family of origin, your stepkids, your partner, even biomom (yes biomom!)
  • Acknowledge the past and learn how to live fully in the present
  • Show up mindfully to your circumstances, turning fear-based reactions into love-based actions

Module 4


  • Guided inventory of your values and what's important to you in this life
  • Create a vision for your life based on those values (and learn to let that vision go)
  • Begin to live your life on purpose, taking positive action towards your vision

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More testimonials:

"Anna provides a profound and deep process for healing. I thought I had dealt with the challenge of being bullied in my life but through Anna’s support I was able to uncover another layer of suffering that was affecting my marriage. I highly recommend Anna as a safe guide to provide compassion and insightful questions. Be willing to explore and Anna will be able to shine the light on your darkness."

- Karen

"When I came to Anna, I was dreading an upcoming family vacation with my step children. I really appreciated Anna's clarity and insights as she helped me understand the cause of my suffering. I had tried doing it on my own, but was unable to do so; it felt as if something was blocking me and blinding my vision. Anna, on the other hand, seemed to see clearly what was happening and as she was making suggestions, I was able to identify what resonated with me the most and understand my situation. On a personal note, talking with Anna was calming and soothing.  I appreciated that the process Anna uses goes beyond merely using intellect to understand one's condition. Her sessions are liberating because they provide emotional healing and offer a powerful way out of our self-inflicted suffering, which is invaluable and feels amazing. I also liked that she uses positive statements to replace limiting beliefs, which gives one practical tools to address her issue. "

- E