7 Day Challenge:

Living In Your Power

For 7 days, you will get life-changing, motivating, guided videos + action step prompts right to your inbox...for free!

Just watch the daily videos and follow the simple path laid out for you. You'll discover how to start living in your power from day 1!

Your time is now. No more waiting. No more settling. 

Take back your happiness, peace and power. Start the life you really want.

Does this sound like you?

  • You're stuck or blocked in some area of your life
  • You're having trouble believing in yourself
  • You're having trouble loving yourself
  • You know you have more to give
  • You know you can have a more fulfilling life
  • You've had traumatizing, unhealthy, or just seriously negative experiences
  • You're ready to:
    • Truly and permanently live in your power
    • Attract that delicious, juicy, loving and life giving relationship
    • Be free from limiting beliefs and messages
    • Live in confidence and power

To set you on the path to that life you want, we're going to:

Enable you to take small steps, yet big action, every day so that you initiate your transformation immediately

Provide you the place to start and the road map to continue your journey to living your life with power. 

No more guessing where to start or what to work on first!

Give you the space and the formula to affirm your transformation every day

Give you the life-changing formula to reset your mindsets and beliefs

      Join La Toya Zavala

      La Toya knows that you have untapped, unknown power within you. Negative and limiting messaging, trauma, abuse, drama, unhealthy relationships, and the like have dimmed that light and covered up that power in the form of baggage…for too long. She's ready for you to be free and live in your power. Are you ready? 

      Start Living Your Power

      Take back what has always been yours. Start 

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