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3 Ways CSA will Change Your Life

Who knew something so small, like changing where you pick up your veggies, could impact your life? 

Join Farmer Jonathan on one of our upcoming webinars to hear how a CSA changes the way you eat, helps you enjoy the simple pleasures and makes a difference in the world. Secure your spot!

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About Ottawa Farm Fresh

Ottawa Farm Fresh is an organic veggies and bloom farm located 12 minutes from downtown. 

Our mission is simple - to grow the very best veggies you've ever tasted. Fresh, crunchy, juicy, washed, organic, ultra-local.

Ottawa Farm Fresh in the picturesque NCC Ottawa Greenbelt is the second iteration of our farm. With a decade of experience on our first farm and Jonathan's work as a farm business coach, we are thrilled for round two! Our fields and new heated green house are well under way and the bounty is coming in! 

Jonathan, Jolianne & Milo