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Blake and Meisha spent years hunting down jewels and treasures throughout the realms of Tarzinëa. Placing these treasures upon a mural that adorns Meisha's cave creating a masterpiece of magnificent art. Now on the verge of completing this quest they find themselves inside the Forest of Ferrês. What should seem like an easy task will end in disaster when a goddess intervenes with fate?

A choice made will change this dragon and her elven ryder's fate forever. How far can greed push you before you give up everything to save the one you love most?

What to Expect!

I send out three newsletters a month on a given Friday. 

Character Takeovers & Spotlights

The first newsletter of the month will feature two characters from one or several of my works in progress. One character will takeover the entire newsletter while the other gets second place. They get a special spotlight that talks about them and their book. It depends solely on the characters and what they want to do. 

Author Updates & Insights

The middle Friday of the month I send out updates and insights into my life as an author. Sometimes I discuss my struggles, successes, and my life as a mother to twin boys.

I also do a WIP update so you know where I am with my projects.

Gargoyle Sighted - Chapter a Month Release

In 2018 I started writing my first novel length Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance series. It features a young woman named Cassandra Armel. She is a cop that gets thrown into the world of supernatural beings. The only thing she didn't realize is she is one of them too.

Each month I plan to release the next chapter as I write this book. It will only be in draft form, so the book does hold the chance of changing by publication date. But, I hope you will hang along for the ride.