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Toxins To Avoid To Welcome Baby Into A Healthy Home ™

Many ingredients in everyday products are harmful. Especially to your baby, their systems are very delicate.

As a new mom, you have enough to overwhelm you, eliminating these toxins gives you less to worry about.

Grab this checklist so you can quickly & easily know which chemicals to avoid to make the environment in your home healthier for your baby.

This is your personal cheat sheet.

Knowing your ingredients is the most important factor when it comes to choosing clean products without getting greenwashed.

You're smart, you're savvy. You don't want your baby exposed to harmful toxins. 

This is a list of some of the most toxic ingredients that are commonly found in personal care and household products.

Eliminate these and you will have a good jumpstart on cleaning up the environment in your home.

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Kelly Bonanno is an Eco Friendly Lifestyle & Wellness Coach helping families & businesses create a healthy beauty & personal care routine, home & workplace environment and lifestyle so they can minimize their body's toxic burden and improve health.

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