The Savvy Girl's Virtual Self Care Retreat


Welcome to a fun week of stress reducing days devoted to you 🌸

Do you want to alleviate anxiety & make the

most of your time #stayinghome?

You're in the right place.

During this time of uncertainty, the most beneficial

thing you can do is support your mind and body with

positive habits that reduce anxiety and strengthen your

immune system.

Life is hectic. It’s easy for self-care to go by the

wayside when you're pulled in so many directions. But

if you don't take care of yourself, you cannot be your

best for your loved ones, clients, and colleagues.

Give me a few minutes each day for a week, we'll get

your self-care game going with fun, easy self-care and

wellness activities that will improve your mood, reduce 

stress and give you a healthy focus during this

challenging time.

Join my FREE 7 Day

Virtual self-Care Retreat

Everyone who participates can enter to win a self-care clean beauty bundle!

Are you feeling out of sorts? A bit more anxious than usual? It's completely understandable. This unprecedented situation has everyone stressed out.

Now more than ever devoting attention to your well-being is essential.

Join us during Women's Health Week for 7 days of healthy, relaxing activities to make your time at home less stressful and more productive and enjoyable 💕

We start 

Monday, May 11th

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We’re all in this together, joining a community in the name of self-love with like-minded individuals will lift your spirits and offer a welcomed distraction.

Do stress and anxiety harm your health and impair your immune system?

Yes, but there are enjoyable ways to mitigate the harmful effects.

Each day, I'll share fun, easy self-care and wellness activities designed to alleviate stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Enjoyable self-care - not the overused buzzword type that's demanding and makes you feel guilty if you don't do it!

Some activities will be purely for relaxation and well being, others will help you be more efficient and productive with your time at home.

This will help alleviate some of the added stress and anxiety brought on by this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and help you prioritize self-care, self-love & personal development which is crucial for your overall well being.

You'll have access to my free private Facebook community where you can bond with like-minded individuals and get support.

This resource is everything you need to incorporate self-care and self-development into your daily routine.

My mission is to lift you up so you are in a place where you can be more relaxed with a healthy mindset.

Let's kick your stress to the curb.

You can't be at your best for your clients, colleagues or loved ones if you don't take care of yourself.

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Virtual Self-Care Retreat

Participants have a chance to win a self-care clean beauty bundle valued at over $100!

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    Kelly Bonanno is an eco friendly lifestyle, clean beauty & wellness coach, lover of guacamole, collager, mom to 2 teenage boys and equality advocate helping families & businesses go green, minimize toxic load and improve health without giving up glamour. Kelly is the founder of Savvy Girl's Organic World Community.



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