The novella


What happened at the bachelor party didn't stay there.

Savannah opens her email to find photos of her husband, Yuri tied to a chair with his pants around his ankles and a stripper between his thighs.

They've been happily married for two years. Now she's on a rampage to burn down their world and disillusioned slightly crazy Yuri is trying to stop her.

He's an ex-Russian gangster. She's one mad black woman.

Should a man get a pass for his wild bachelor party behaviour?


"It is just how it is between her and me."

She is mine.

I am always hers.

Punishment will come to anyone who tries to get between.

The full Novel (Yuri and Savannah)


The hunt is intense. Yuri is frantic to find Savannah and bring her home, after their passionate and volatile marriage explodes when she opens an unknown sender email.

Coming Soon


It was only supposed to be one night

Nathalia, one vacation in Cuba, finally free of her rotten ex but alone, decides why not hire a professional to fulfill her desires for once?

Matija, head of Bratva operations, shows up, curious about the woman asking for male escort.

Alexandra Isobel

Alexandra Isobel is a Canadian romance writer with a head full of stories and no time to write! So, she plots them all out while standing on the yard, watching the children during recess.

She’s inspired to write alpha hero love stories and the women who can manage them from being a total action movie hound. 

She tends to thrive on visual inspiration so is a die hard movie junkie and photography wannabe – both of which keep her imagination humming.

She’s definitely an introvert who secretly lusts after her alpha hero characters!