You've always wanted to write a novel...

We want you to find the story inside.

For you to see your work published and be proud.

For you to unlock author success.

We’re here to help you with that. Our intention is to offer you a blueprint and motivation to transform your blank page into a finished draft, your finished draft into a published book, and your published book into something you’re sharing with the world.

There's room for everyone in indie publishing and wanted to share our knowledge for free.

You've always wanted to write a novel, you're not sure how or where to get started, you have questions...we have answers. We want you to go from feeling uncertain or stuck to feeling empowered and published. The Write, Publish, Promote your novel video lessons are now free to watch on our YouTube channel. Simply look through the library or click on "playlists" to go deeper into one of the three topics: writing, publishing, and promotion. Also, be sure to join our private Facebook community and read below for more about us and why we created this course. 

Amy Sparling and Ellie Hall are two fiction authors with over a decade each in the writing and publishing industry. Collectively they’ve completed more than 125 manuscripts, earned over a half-million dollars in revenue, and sold millions of copies of their books, but who’s counting? 

They are. But not the numbers. 

They’ve been keeping track of questions. As self-published and traditionally published members of the writing community, they’ve noticed countless writers post concerns and questions about the nuts and bolts of the writing, publishing, and the promotion process. 

There are some amazing ads creation courses for authors out there. They should know, they’ve taken pretty much all of them. But what they repeatedly saw in the many writer’s groups and boards that they’re a part of were the questions that come before jumping into the ads platforms.
Questions like whether or not to write in a series and how, inquiries about the benefits of a box set and how to format it, the best price for books, and they know there are writers out there with questions they're afraid to ask.

 Amy and Ellie also have thousands of emails they’ve sent to each other over the years (usually multiple times per day—it’s not procrastination, at least that's what they tell themselves) and something emerged from their exchanges. They both wish they’d had a coach early on in their careers. Someone that could’ve helped them move forward, not make so many mistakes, and cheer them on when they’d considered giving up on writing. 

So they decided to back up a little... Go back to basics and combine the questions and coaching to create the comprehensive set of lessons, with videos, worksheets, and checklists based on everything they’ve learned and what they wish they’d had all along. They took everything they’ve learned and dedicated themselves to bringing it to you in a simple format. 

The Write, Publish, Promote course highlights every aspect of the process from brainstorming to drafting to getting the book into the hands of readers. It helps you understand what aspects of writing and self-publishing to DIY and what to delegate to the pros. It offers practical information and instruction as well as a dash of motivation.

This course is for writers who’re just getting started with the seed of an idea, begging to find its way onto the page and for those who have a vision for their future as a bestseller. For those who’re busy but dream of writing a book, fitting it in when they can and for those who want time freedom, creating a body of work that will create long-term residual income. It is an investment in your dreams, your career, and your future.

It includes four modules, each containing numerous lessons with videos, worksheets, and checklists so you can create a quality body of work. The course includes lifetime access with all updates. They also have a private Facebook community to connect with other writers and continue the conversation.
We want to see you dream high, take action, and accomplish your goals. Start today.

Please note: although the content of the course is aimed at fiction writers, some of it can be applied to any type of writing—nonfiction, poetry, and graphic novels, for example.


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