Kids Birthday Party Supply List

Only Supplies You Need For A Kids Birthday Party on a Budget!

Below is a list of all supplies you need to host a kids budget birthday party! You may not need all of these supplies because you might already have some at home. But, if you see something on the list that you need, then go ahead and buy it now!

The best part about this list is that after you buy some of these items, you can reuse them again and again for future birthday parties!

If you already know of a frugal place to find the items on this list, then go get them - I always encourage shopping around and comparing prices!  Clicking the links belw will take you these items on Amazon and because Amazon prices change all the time, I cannot guarantee these are the lowest prices you can find. 

  1. Drink Dispenser - so you can make flavored water with slices of fruit.  No mess, very cheap!  Use again and again!

  2. Colorful Note Cards & Envelopes -use to make your own invitations.  Design your invites in Canva and print and glue to a matching note card.  Super cheap, easy, and fun!  Plus, you can save the extra note cards for your next party!

  3. Double Sided Tape  - use for your invitations, and signs, banner, and lots of other things!  Don't get the cheap stuff - it makes a difference to get Scotch - trust me, I have a lot of experience and Scotch is much stickier and works much better! 

  4. Poster Board - use to make all your signs that you will use for decor.  As well as your birthday banner.  Print your own matching banner from Chicfetti and then reinforce the banner by gluing each piece to poster board.  Super cute and easy to customize to match any party!

  5. Ribbon - use to string your birthday banner that you made with poster board.  You need at least 3/4in thick fabric ribbon in order to make sure your banner stays put on the ribbon and doesn't slide all to the middle.

  6. Hole Punch - use to punch holes in your birthday banner to string with ribbon.  Also use to hang any other signs.

  7. Snack Bowls - Get a plain, nuetral, solid color and then reuse for years to come!  Serve your favorite snacks instead of meal to keep costs down.

  8. Helium Tank - I love home helium tanks!  Just get some coordinating balloons and fill them up right before the party.  You can fill as many as you want and then save the tank for your next party!  

  9. Balloons - Use the helium tank to fill the balloons right before the party and enjoy!  Pick colors to match your party or buy a bag of assorted colors and save the leftovers for your next party!

  10. Balloon String - Use for all the balloons you just filled up with your helium tank.  White is a great choice for string color because it will match any party.  Buy a roll so you can save and use for all your parties.  I like to store my ribbon in the same box as my helium tank so I don't lose it!

  11. Streamers - There is a lot of decoration you can do with streamers to make the party room look festive!  The best part, streamers are so inexpensive!  Get a varitey pack of colors and save them for upcoming parties.

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