Introducing: The 14 Day Real Food Reset

Every year at this time, there's some New Year, New You - blah blah blah - thing going on.

But this year - holy cow! It's not just a new year, it's like a whole new... everything. 

And it's time for a reset. 

Balance your weight

Increase your energy

Eliminate brain fog

Improve your memory

Feel more alive

So much has happened. Most of it out of our control. 

And I know for a lot of people, eating has felt out of control too. 

But that's the one area where we DO have some control, and it's time to take it back and reclaim your life. 

Get off of the "what happened this time" rollercoaster and onto the "get as strong and healthy and resilient as I can be" train.

And these days, prioritizing health is more important than ever. Balanced weight, balanced blood sugar and a nutrient dense diet all play a huge role in a balanced, adaptable immune system, not to mention strong emotional and mental health. 

Think of it like this:

If you had a Maserati, would you put 87 octane fuel in it? Probably not! You’d give it the highest quality fuel you could find, so that it would run its best and stay in good shape for a long time.

And yes, your body is a Maserati (or a Ferrari, or a Jeep, or whatever resonates with you 😊). But so many people make more of a point of caring for their cars than they do for their bodies.

Junk food, something from a drive-through, something with a mile long ingredients list is NOT going to make you run your best and stay healthy for a long time.

But I get it. The past year has been ROUGH.

And some areas of life are still a bit chaotic. So making a big change can seem pretty overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be so hard!

You don't have to do it alone. This is 14 days of guidance, support and accountability. There’s even an easy to prepare meal plan with a shopping list, so all you have to do is follow directions. And in exchange for a little bit of effort, you can have more energy, get that pep in your step, and start to feel like you’re getting some control back in your life.

Why would you NOT do it? 


I was interested in healthy living all of my life. At around 12 years old, I rode my bike to the health food store. I had no idea what all that stuff was, but I thought it was cool. Later, I read all I could about nutrition and tried to implement it.

But at the same time, I was on the weight gain/loss rollercoaster most of my life too. I would restrict and binge and restrict and binge. 

When I learned about eating real foods that nourished my body and avoiding the stuff that didn't, it got easier - the restricting stopped because I learned I could eat real food until I was satisfied  - without any shame, guilt or weight gain. 

And full disclosure: for a lot of years, I'd do it for a while, then fall off the wagon and binge again, and regain the weight and then start the whole process again. I did this over and over. And over.

Until I finally started to address everything:

What I eat and drink: The foods I put in my body, their nutrient density and how my body responds to them.

Nutrient deficiencies and food sensitivities: Which of my organs and systems need support? What support do they need? How can I give that to them? Which foods create an inflammatory response in my body? What do I do about that?

Understanding why I eat and drink what I do: What am I looking for when I eat? Am I really hungry or eating to soothe emotions? Is there something else driving my choices? 

More full disclosure: I'm a work in progress. I don't know anyone who has just made a decision and change was easy, and I'm no exception. 

But maybe it didn't have to be as hard as it was and take as long as it did.

My goal is for you to not have to suffer the way I did. To share what I did and what I know so you don't have to. And to be your biggest cheerleader through the process! 

But maybe you have some questions. Like...

Q. How will I benefit if I do this 14 Day Real Food Reset? 

A. People who eat real foods notice things like:

  • Increased energy
  • Quicker, clearer thinking
  • Decreases in pesky symptoms like headaches, sinus congestion, digestive issues and more
  • Often they lose some weight

Q. That sounds great! Exactly what does this program entail?

A. It's a 14 day program, structured like this:

  • Days 1-3: Prep days. There will be a Zoom meeting on the first day, recorded for those who can't make it. You'll learn more about eating real food and take this time to do your meal planning and grocery shopping and get mentally ready (super important!) to do the program. After registration, you'll get the guide and materials though, so you can start the prep process as early as you want!
  • Days 4-13: Reset days. You'll spend 10 days on a real food meal plan. You’ll have tons of delicious real food to eat, so you won’t be hungry or feel deprived. 
    • During this time, we'll have another Zoom call to answer questions and ensure you're set up for success.
  • Day 14: Celebration! We'll have one final Zoom call to talk about how to keep it going and answer any final questions you might have. 

Additionally, you'll get:

  • A detailed guide, with all of the information you need to be able to crush the reset, including a 10 day meal plan with shopping list. 
  • Ideas for special meals, tasty real food desserts and snacks
  • Mindset and lifestyle support - it's not only about the food!

Q. How much does it cost?

A. An early bird price of $39 is available until February 9 at 11:59 pm central. After that, it's $59, so don't wait! 

Plus, register before February 9 and get these bonuses:

  • 10 Out of the Box Ways of to Save Money on Real Food. Ten things you may not have thought about to help reduce that grocery bill! 
  • Healthy Eating on the Go. Ideas and tips for eating when you're out and about. Getting too hungry is a big trigger for overeating, so planning ahead of time prevents that trigger from getting pulled. 

Q. What if I want more support?

A. Easy! When you sign up for this program, you can get my 2 session Nutritional Therapy Jumpstart for 25% off the regular price of $197. It includes analysis of your food diary and responses to a 300+ question signs and symptoms questionnaire. 

Q. OMG, I gotta have this! How do I register?

A. Click the button below! We start on February 11.

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14 Day Real Food Reset

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