What is the Flexible Seating Reflection Notebook?

~ a daily log for students to think about their seating choice for the day.  Each log has 7 pages where students can reflect on their seat and how it worked for them!

When should I use the Flexible Seating Reflection Notebook?

Use this handy notebook during the first days of school. Encourage students to try all the different seating options in the classroom.  At the end of each day, take a few minutes to discuss their choices and how they liked those seats.  Ask questions like "Where did you sit today?" "Did you like this seat?  Why or why not?" "Was this seat a good place for you to learn?"  Give the students a few minutes each day to write about their choice.  

What are other teachers saying about the Flexible Seating Reflection Notebook?

  •  I got your free mini book for the kids to try out flex seating and just HAD to have the whole set! Thank you for making my switch to flex seating easier! ~ Katy B. 

  • This is great! I love the self reflection! ~ Christy B. 

How Will the Flexible Seating Reflection Notebook help my students?

Students should be given the opportunity to try out all of the seating in the classroom at the beginning of the year.  This will help them make good choices for themselves.  Some children may find they like sitting alone.  Some students will work better when they are able to move around on a yoga ball.   Others will enjoy changing things up and sitting with different friends each day.  Using the Flexible Seating Notebook at the beginning of the year gives kids the time to try things out and reflect on what's best for them!

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