Does this sound familiar?

> You want to travel the world, but worry about your budget...

> You fret about handling your cash whilst on the road...

> The cost of flights eats away at your funds before you've even begun...

> You find searching for accommodation a headache...

> You feel anxious about shopping & scams whilst away...

> You just want to throw in the towel and book an organised tour.

How this eBook can help you

We've been travelling the world for over 4 years and have visited over 40 countries. We're not rich, nor did we save up a ton of money before leaving the UK, we simply travel on a budget.

Over the years, we have acquired nifty budgeting hacks to keep the backpacking adventures alive. Now we want to show you how you can do the same too. Travel doesn't need to be expensive! With these 109 hacks, you will be able to travel smarter, wiser, & for longer.

  •  Find ways to prepare for a backpacking trip
  •  Smart ways to handle your money
  •  How to find cheap flights
  •  How to book the best accommodation
  •  The dos & don'ts when booking tours
  •  Smart shopping & haggling hacks
  •  Common scams you need to be aware of

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