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The book that reveals all blogging techniques and strategies. Learn how to start your blog, make a profit from it, and become a professional in the industry today!

Beginner's Guide

You'll learn how to properly set up your blog so that it is ready to make you money

Marketing Tools

Learn how to properly market your blog through email lists, landing pages, Pinterest, and all other social media platforms


Step-by-step strategies will help you turn your hobby into a profession. Ready to copy and implement!

Leslie Windell

About the Author

Leslie W. is the owner of and blogger for and has been since October 2019. She is also an elementary school teacher having attended...

What You'll Read


About the author

Meet your blogging for profit coach, Leslie Windell.

Ch. 1

Biz Model for Pros

You'll learn what three steps there are in the blogging business world and how to go from Beginner to Advanced.

Ch. 2

First Things First

In order to start a money-making blog, certain things must be in order. In this chapter, you'll learn exactly what those things are and how to set them up.

Ch. +

And more...

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