Before you attend another 16-week MASTERCLASS promising you that you'll make six figures if you follow their secret sauce from their 16-week masterclass, let's talk first.

Have you found yourself wanting to enroll in a 16th-week masterclass, but realize that you don't have the systems in place to generate income after 16 weeks?

As a matter of fact, you realize that you don't have a clear product or service developed to offer your potential customer.

Let's look a little deeper here...

Does your product or service spark a desire or resolve a challenge for your customer that makes them want to know more about how your product or service will serve them? 

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    Creative Coaching.

    (8 weekly payments at $80 per week. Get your choice of 2 "My Bright Idea" merchandise.

    I remember back in 2015 when I was getting ready to go all-in with moving my business forward. I had a full-time job and was not able to put a lot of time into building the business. 

    I looked at my finances and decided that it was time to try a business coach to help me with directing all of my "Bright Ideas" into business strategies that will have big outcomes. 

    You see, having a business coach or mentor is a great way to hold you accountable for the big outcomes you are looking for.

    Before you run with that, I was still stuck with my ideas because I didn't have a system in place that fit me. 

    I still needed a system that would draw my customers that could hear my amazing ideas about how to incorporate t-shirts into their platforms that would help with the "Know, Like and Trust factor and generate additional revenue or how to start their own t-shirt business with evidence-based techniques to launch.

    I was like a treasure chest filled with diamonds and rubies, but not having the systems in place was like a deadbolt on my gifts and talents and my clients couldn't see how amazing I was.

    You hire a coach to help you remove the feeling of being OVERWHELMED and PROCRASTINATION to help you establish a system with clarity that works for you.

    Before you react to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) schedule a call with me.

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    Your idea doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be executed. My goal is to help you take away the feeling of overwhelm and replace it with clarity and manageable steps to take you from "Thought to Launch."

    Now, let's find out if you're ready:

    •  Ready for your breakthrough?
    • Tired of signing up for the masterclass that leaves you with notebooks filled with notes?
    • Ready to break away from YOUR PROCRASTINATION STRONGHOLD

    If you need help, you must take the first step to go get it. 


    ($80 per week and get your choice of  2 "My Bright Idea" merchandise)

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