Hi, I'm Khoon Leong.

I'm a Life Coach and Trainer. I'm also the author of multiple books. 2 of my latest are:

  • Career Resilience - The Art of Staying in the Game
  • Home Frequencies Tuning - Empower Your Home

I have coached people how to turn their lives around and live their greatest lives through my consultation programs, workshops, videos, audios and books.

I have discovered an ancient system that really works.

I have since made it my personal mission to help people make a positive difference in their lives and achieve great success, inner peace, happiness and the life they absolutely love and desire.

I did it, they did it, and so can you!

No more guessing or hoping things may get better one day. I will show you exactly how to do it!

Darren Ong

Grateful of the learning and teaching from Master Yeo. The training and guidance from him, have brought me to the next stage of training towards my work for Life Guidance and Coaching. Deeply appreciate of his kind teaching and wisdom sharing about Life Frequencies.

Alicia Cheak

This course not only teaching about the technical knowledge, it's a life coaching lesson that benefit to individual's to achieve higher and better life. Recommend to those who want to learn life coaching and know your higher purpose in life.

Ryan Lim

Yjing is truly interesting and fascinating. Master Yeo is amazing in this subject matter. I will recommend others to take up this course to improve their lives.

Stacy Chew

Life changing! Mentally stimulating! It basically helps you to embrace life as it is and at the same time leveraging on its goodness.

Andrew Lim

It was a wonderful program where I learned new, useful and accurate information where I didn't get to know in other lessons from elsewhere.

Cyndy Lai

After attending quite a number of class courses elsewhere, this is the most enjoyable class. This is my most eye opener class. Understand a lot better.

Tong Mun Kit

The course is systematic and yet powerful. I have attended many courses and I arrived at one conclusion. Usually, the most simple (yet important) course is the missing link/piece to the whole puzzle. This course completes the whole picture.

Wes Goh

I'm very grateful that Universe allows me to know Master Yeo

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