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Start, Adapt, Continue

Your Yoga Practice 

Are you ready, willing and able to make practical, simple and sustainable steps forward? 

I help women with chronic pain and fatigue who are ready, willing and able to take practical, simple and sustainable steps forward for better health and quality of life. 

We are not chasing cures but we are people who prioritise self-care (in amongst all the things) and create lifestyles that reduce pain and fatigue. 

Sometimes our steps are incremental, others we take leaps, but we always look forward. 

My superpowers are making lifestyle tools simple and sustainable. We focus on what we can do. Yoga, meditation, breathing, movement, healthy living choices and more.

This special series is your FREE introduction to simple, sustainable tools that can help you create a lifestyle that decreases pain and fatigue. 


You will get four 10 minute videos direct to your inbox every second day for the next eight days to help you start your yoga self-care and see how these tools can help ease your symptoms. 

+Gentle, mindful movement to carefully stretch your body

+Deep breathing

+Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation (for some profound rest)

+Restorative yoga (switch on that rest and digest mode) 

So you can supercharge your rest, improve your sleep, reduce tension and pain, reduce stress and overwhelm. And, most importantly, engage in some easy self-care. 

These benefits are possible with continued practice. I have experienced it, my students have experienced it and research backs it up. But let's be clear we are not talking about miracles, we are talking about practical tools that we can enact ourselves that can help. 

Every single class has huge benefits...if you do them

+Gentle, mindful movement to carefully stretch your body

Reduce tension and move flare free in this gentle class

+Deep breathing

Breathing is an underrated tool you can use anywhere, anytime it is the quickest way to calm the nervous system

+Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

Oh my friends, this is my personal favourite. This is not just a way to get profound rest in the moment but the best way to help dial down the nervous system response (over time). I could go on and on about Yoga Nidra but I want you to experience it. This is the antidote to the paradox of chronic insomnia and chronic fatigue.

+Restorative yoga

Switch on that rest and digest mode - do you see a pattern here? Calm the nervous system with this very special restful class. It is super accessible and a slightly more active form of meditation. 

Calm the central nervous system and the side benefit is reduced pain, fatigue, anxiety and more. Reduced not eliminated. Just so we are clear.

“I like being able to go at my own pace. Each video is very well explained so I am able to follow easily. I especially like that you included bedtime yoga.” – Shelly

"I love yoga with Melissa Reynolds it has helped me feel more relaxed, less cramping, less pain." - Danny from

"For the first time I'm in a yoga class that I feel like I'm actually going to get it...I really can do this and I love how it feels." -Meshea from

"You have made it possible for people with multiple issues to be able to get benefits of yoga without the stress and pain." - Mimi Diz

Hi, I am


My passion is sharing the tools of yoga with you. To help you take those tools and use them in the way that best helps you. Because yoga is not about advanced poses, long classes or anything of that nature. I have taken the tools it offers and adapted them in such a way that they have made a massive difference for me and my students. I'd love to share this with you.

This very special package is worth $49 but I want you to try and experience the benefits yoga can offer us. So I hope you will take advantage and DO these practices. They might be free but they are valuable.

I'm in...give me the yoga...