To help you ease the symptoms of fibromyalgia in just 10 minutes a day

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Gentle, mindful movement to carefully stretch your body

Deep breathing

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation (for some profound rest)

Restorative yoga (switch on that rest and digest mode) 

So you can supercharge your rest, improve your sleep, reduce tension and pain, reduce stress and overwhelm. And, most importantly, engage in some easy self-care. 

These benefits are possible with continued practice. I have experienced it, my students have experienced it and research backs it up. But let's be clear we are not talking about miracles, we are talking about practical tools that we can enact ourselves that can help. 

Hi, I am


My passion is sharing the tools of yoga with you. To help you take those tools and use them in the way that best helps you. Because yoga is not about advanced poses, long classes or anything of that nature. I have taken the tools it offers and adapted them in such a way that they have made a massive difference for me and my students. I'd love to share this with you.