Need a Safe Black Healing Space?

Greetings family,

I've recently received some powerful messages from the community about how difficult it is to find spaces to heal where they don't have to deal with racism, particularly in the 12 step recovery rooms. 

Black healing spaces always get kick back because it triggers those who practice white supremacy and will often shame us into believing WE'RE practicing reverse racism. 

This is of course a deflection from the truth about us needing our own spaces as a result of living under this oppressive system.

No one ever questions men or women only groups that want to explore gender focused issues. Many of us are so worn down by the pressure to conform, that we end up in inappropriate kumbaya spaces where our needs are ignored, and our historical wounds continue to bleed. 

We need a safe space to address our cultural needs without the oppressive gaze of white fragility. 

 You deserve the right to thrive on this planet without fear and I want to create an online space for us to have some honest, solution focused conversations about internalised racism, recovery and empowerment.

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