The 4 Steps of Creating Transformative Helpful Content Guidebook

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Your Roadmap For Sharing Transformative Helpful Content

This updated guide is for entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who want to learn how to share their stories so they can grow their audience. You’ll learn:

  • my 4-step system for growing your audience using brand storytelling,
  • what types of content you can use to share your story,
  • why storytelling is so important for each type of content,
  • and how to use each one effectively.

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Hey Storyteller, I'm Dominique Wilson and I believe your story is worth telling!

As a Brand Storytelling Coach, I help entrepreneurs and the marketing professionals  become confident storytellers so they can grow their audiences.

I’m also an advertising creative, content creator, and entrepreneur with a passion for using storytelling to make life (and business) easier and more enjoyable!

I believe in supporting people who genuinely care about improving the lives of others. 

And I know how difficult it can be to articulate exactly what you can do for your audience and to build a relationship with them so become loyal clients and repeat customers.

Through your unique experiences, you have a powerful story to share. 

And since storytelling is one of the most common ways people connect with each other, it’s a natural, authentic way to connect with and grow your audience too!

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