Youtube Quick-Start Guide

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You're probably aware of the fact that you can make a significant amount of money just from YouTube, but that shouldn't be the sole reason for creating a channel. If you do end up earning money from it, great! But first you need to build your audience. Make sure that your videos focus on quality, not just quantity. Yes, you'll probably get more subscribers by uploading a lot of videos, but be selective about the videos that you create, since you want to make sure that people keep coming back and go out of their way to share your content. And never, ever spend money in order to get fake views or bogus subscriptions. There are plenty of accounts out there trying to sell you these shady offers. Avoid them at all costs. Not only is it highly unethical, but it'll actually cause your numbers to go way down and potentially, put your account at risk. That's because YouTube focuses on watch time metrics, not by subscribers and views. So don't let the fact that you have to have so many subscribers and views in order to monetize your video let you buy into this scam.

Every time you create a video, make sure that it's going to engage your audience. Will they want to comment, click the like button and subscribe to your channel? Will they want to share your video with your friends and family? Make sure you create a variety of marketing videos, too. Be sure to cover every aspect of your business. This will give your viewers a better sense of what your business about, plus encourage them to buy your products. If you do reach a point where you can monetize your videos, wonderful! But always focus on quality, not quantity. Don't let that monetization mark convince you to put out more videos with less quality, all because you want a big paycheck from YouTube. There are millions of videos for people to choose from on YouTube. Make your channel authentic, and create content that really makes them remember your brand. Stay tuned for tomorrow's email, where we'll discuss why you should take some time to make your YouTube channel your main focus right now!