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Baba Amenseph

As your Host & Instructor, Baba Amenseph shares with you 35+ years of experience within the construction industry. Beginning with education in Construction Technology from New York City Technical College, his exposure and growth in the industry expanded in other areas such as certifications in drafting, surveying & civil engineering. Before moving to Virginia, Baba Amenseph started his first business as a Residential Restoration & Remodeling Contractor in Brooklyn, New York, working in multiple trades from demolition to framing, drywall, painting, tilework, bathroom / kitchen cabinetry, custom trim work interior designing and moreā€¦

After moving to Virginia he became a Commercial/Residential Remodeling Contractor and furthered his business ventures in the areas of project management and construction management. Other areas of experience and skills were acquired as a custom deck builder and a Class A Builder Contractor having framed and built a wide range of custom homes throughout Central Virginia and multiple commercial projects.

Baba Kwabena

Baba Kwabena began working with wood after college as a youth wilderness counselor, where he led small groups of Black youth in constructing their own bushcraft-style 1-room cabins. He went on to rehab and manage a 2-unit duplex in Atlanta, GA for 10 years. He added to his general handyman and construction skills in 2017 when he attended the Earthship Academy in Taos, New Mexico. He gained experience with natural building with clay as well as concrete and plaster work. Most recently, he spent 2 years learning timber framing, natural building, and construction of farm infrastructure. Baba Kwabena feels eco-conscious construction is essential to our future. He encourages people to live small, and enjoys learning about tiny house construction.

Baba Kwabena is the founder of OurSpace World, Inc., and currently serves as its Operations Director.

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Baba Amenseph bio (continued)

Aside from the various contracts and business projects throughout the years, some special/unique opportunities that Baba Amenseph had would be;

  • Blueprint/Drafting work for the Manhattan Bridge Restoration Project in NY

  • Framing work on The Hurler Roller Coaster, Kings Dominion Park in VA - (2nd Wooden Roller coaster in the state and at that time the fastest in the World)

  • One of Central Virginia's First Black owned and operated framing contractors (All Black Crew)

From the experience gained throughout the years, Baba Amenseph has dedicated his efforts in and continues to learn and apply more Eco-Friendly, Off the Grid and Sustainable solutions and insights within current and future developments and projects.

He is the founder of Black to NTR and Daybreak Enterprise.