The Inside of Autism

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What is the Inside of Autism?

The inside of Autism is delivered by Kieran, in partnership with North East England charity Happy Faces Prudhoe and is only available several times a year.

Spaces are limited and priced at £40 per ticket (approximately: US$55, AU$70, CA$70, €47) 

The waiting list for this course was BIG and the course only runs several times a year, so don't miss out on the opportunity.

We are open for booking for the current round starting live on June 16th 2021.

What you get for £40:

6 x weekly live 2 x hour sessions, plus a 2 x hour, week 7 live support session.

(14 hours in total of training, discussion, support and Q&A)

A 100 page workbook, including a LOT of extra resources

Access to a recorded version of the training (only the training) for 10 days after the session has been delivered.

An alumni session several months after the course offering the chance to have more Q&A time and network with attendees from other courses.

A certificate of completion for CEU/CPD.

(If you are unable to access the live sessions, you will still get access to the recorded training and the supplementary material)

What's the difference between this and other Autism courses?

Most Autism training is stereotypical, wrapped up in non-Autistic behaviourally-based perspectives and incredibly deficit focused and ultimately useless. It doesn't have any meaning.

The inside of Autism strips back those stereotypes, provides insight from multiple Autistic perspectives, is grounded in up-to-date research; and shifts from a centred non-Autistic viewpoint to an Autistic one.

The course covers:

The history of Autism, the role of research and the perceptions and false narratives that have been created.

Myths and older diagnoses.

What Autism actually is (and what it isn't) including Co-occurring conditions and externalised viewpoints.

Gender, Sex and Minority groups and the role of racism and sexism.

The concept of Neurodiversity (it is not what you think it is).

Sensory differences, stimming and sensory invalidation.

Meltdowns, shutdowns and overwhelm.

Understanding 'Behaviour'.

Understanding and validating communication.

Anxiety and why it's so prevalent.

The role of stigma and marginalisation and their impact on Identity.

Autistic Masking, Autistic Burnout and poor mental health.

Enablement and self-advocacy

Self compassion

Research around neurology, Psychology, communication, sensory systems, social theory and more.

The over-arching theme of trauma.

And much, much more