No doubt about it. We're in for a WEIRD holiday season.

My usual concerns, like how many places we can fit around one table, how much I'll eat, and what my thighs will look like come January 2021, seem trivial now that the holidays are overshadowed by the pandemic, rising COVID cases, and a country so divided.

Oh, how I long for the simple joys of pumpkin pie and belly fat.

My name is Tina, and each year, as a gift to my clients and friends who share my desire to remain healthy through the holidays, I create a Holiday to Holiday Handbook.

Your FREE 2020 (F#&K the Pandemic)  Holiday to Holiday Guide includes:

  • A Treasure Trove of Holiday Recipes (Vegan, Paleo, Pegan, Low Carb and Keto)
  • Tips to Maximize Your Virtual Holiday Experiences
  • Stress Relief and Sanity Resources
  • Free (30) Minute Stress Relief Stretch Workout
  • The Truth About That Holiday Pig Out
  • Booze and Fat Loss - What's Happening There?
  • Post COVID Relief: Retreats, online workshops, coaching and more!

I thought about skipping it this year and diving straight into a vat of dirty martini's, but realized this year, more than any other, we need strategies to stay sane if not lean through the holidays.  So I've updated this year's F#&K the Pandemic Holiday to Holiday guide to include tips for sanity, self-care, and making the most of our ZOOM Christmas experiences!

F#&K The Pandemic, AND Take Care of Yourself.


(Or, dive into that vat of martinis...they are your thighs.)