GROWING INTO WHOLENESS using the Magic of the Medicine Wheel

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The purpose of my journey into wholeness is to embody my work and way of being in the world based on the values of Love, Integrity, Kindness and Respect. I create my work deeply connected to Mother/Father God and this exceptional Earth and her ever evolving cycles. In Transitions to Eldership I work with the wisdom of  the Medicine Wheel as a map for the different developmental stages and life transitions we explore.

This freebie E-Book will take you on an elemental journey of growing from within. Where you will observe the inter-connectedness between the Four Directions and the Centre of Who You Are.

"I have eventually made time to properly work through your freebie that you created "Growing into Wholeness" and I must tell you it is absolutely incredible. I love the flow and deep-rooted essence and knowledge" SK

" As a woman gathers more years, She becomes more bold, Which is not the same as Brave: Brave is jumping in. Bold is jumping in led by angels. In age, We learn to know the difference. For certain, 'Older is Bolder' .... "

Clarissa Pinkola Estes