10 Ways to Add Writing in STEM Class

Ideas for the Elementary Classroom

This eBook features ten ideas for adding more writing to your STEM class. These are easily adapted to any challenge.

Tips and Hints

Each writing idea includes tips for use and hints about helping students.


Each page includes photographs of writing samples and STEM Challenges.

STEM Ideas

Each page includes a specific STEM Challenge in which the writing idea has been tested.

Teachers are Terrific

About the Author

A STEM Specialist for 6+ years, an elementary teacher for 28+ years, and a Science lover!  The one thing I miss most from teaching in a regular classroom is teaching writing. This eBook was so fun to create as I revisited all the writing techniques we have tackled in the STEM Lab!

10 Ways to Add Writing in STEM Class


Ways to Add Writing

An overview of the research about the importance of writing.

Idea 1

Jotting Notes

Ideas for quick notes

Idea 2


Compiling background knowledge before beginning a project

Ideas 3-10

And more...

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