A Planning Series for STEM in the Elementary Classroom

Join me in a 4-part series to get you involved with STEM!

This 4-part series will give you ideas for getting started with STEM. Each step also has free resources for you to try.

Tips and Hints

Look for tips from my experiences to guide you as you begin your STEM adventures!


Blog posts and a video tutorial are included.

STEM Ideas

Let's make sure you have some STEM Challenges to get started. 

Teachers are Terrific

About the Author

A STEM Specialist for 6+ years, an elementary teacher for 28+ years, and a Science lover!  The one thing I miss most from teaching in a regular classroom is teaching writing. This eBook was so fun to create as I revisited all the writing techniques we have tackled in the STEM Lab!

A Planning Series for STEM in the Elementary Classroom

Part 1

Planning Checklist and Video Tutorial

Following a quick introduction,  download the planning checklist. The second message is a link to a video tutorial for the editable checklist.

Part 2

Student Planning Checklist

This 1-page freebie is a series of reminders with coaching questions to use as your students learn the planning procedure. Blog post link included!

Part 3

Let's Decorate!

This message has links for free poster sets!

Part 4

Are You Ready for Challenges?

This final message is all about saving you time and money!

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