Are you ready for a new experience of food and eating?

Eating food is both pleasurable and powerful, fueling us for purposeful work and lives. But sometimes things can get a little topsy-turvy and we feel out of sorts with food and our eating.

Is this you?

You are a project-driven woman with your fingers in many pies (metaphorically speaking of course) and you want to experience more of the pleasure and power of food because either/or:

You are flagging and you don't have half a minute to work out what you need. Maybe you're knocking back coffee and crunching toast but your body is telling you it wants more. You want more.

You've started making changes but would really appreciate someone on your side a consultant/coach/cheerleader who can help you fill in the gaps or cheer you on and see you over the finish line e.g. ideas for lunch on the run, a workable plan for eating well when you spend so much time on the road, or eating for great skin.

You've got a specific goal in mind e.g. you are starting a new job or about to launch and want to perform at the top of your game, and feel and look good while you are doing it.

Let's work together and create something amazing.

Come work with me - introducing The Food and Eating Audit

Here's the process

  • We'll strip away unnecessary actions, unnecessary thinking and even unnecessary food based on your meaningful criteria.

    • Once you've paid for your audit you'll be sent a link to my calendar, and a few questions to answer so that I know what you want to focus on, and any desires or concerns you have about your food and eating.

    • We'll meet over Skype or Zoom for 45mins for your Food and Eating Audit where we focus on the issues and desires you highlighted in your answers, and you'll receive suggested next steps, recommendations and resources based on sound principles, the scientific method, and your needs, to support you moving forward. (This call is not included in the email-only consultancy option.)

    • You will implement systems, and track your food and eating over the next four weeks to ground your new experience of food and eating with email access to me during that time - for questions, accountability and celebrating milestones.

    • You will also receive 'The Capsule Kitchen' course including PDF guide, audios, and bundle of printable resources to inspire a more streamlined approached to food prep, meal planning and honest eating.

    It's a powerful thing to be seen, heard and championed. The wheels of momentum will move at an ever-increasing speed and you will enjoy the feeling of 'ownership' as you act on your personal and wholehearted vision of food prosperity.

    This package is for you if

    • You have a clear vision for what you want to achieve or have a specific goal in mind, but would like some help on how to get to there.

    • You want your eating to support a wholehearted creative life with plenty of energy for the people and projects that are important to you

    • You understand that eating honestly and eating well is a daily commitment that will bring lasting benefits to you as a person as well as your sphere of influence.

    • You are not on medication, or sick or receiving treatment.

    • You favour a joyful approach to life.

      • You are ready to invest in your very own personal Food and Eating Audit - at a fraction of the cost of 'root and branch' bespoke food consultancy - to support your goals and desires.